The History of T-shirt

T-shirts are made of inexpensive and light fabric, in which it is easier to clean.

The earliest T-shirt dates back to sometime among the American to Spanish War year 1913. It started when the U.S. Navy began supplying them as undergarments. In year 1920’s, T-shirt became part of American English, and it is also in the Merriam-Webster Dictionary.

T-shirts are commonly used by boys when they are playing outside or doing tasks.

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To open-up the idea of wearing them as overall purpose casual dress. The printed kind of T-shirts increased popularity in 1960s, for the purpose of creativity as well for souvenirs, advertisements and protests. It is initially worn as undershirts, but nowadays it is often worn as the only piece of clothing.

T-shirts have also become a medium for advertising and self-expression, with some possible combination of photographs, words and art on display. It is naturally extends to the waist. The variations of T-shirt like V-neck have been established. The Long T-shirts, which are worn by girls as nightgowns. Another kind of shirt is Hip-hop fashion, which is known as tall-T-shirts that may extend to the knees.

Short sleeved T-shirt of a contrasting color is also one of the trends shirts, over a long sleeved T-shirt, which is known as layering. The T-shirts that are fitted to the body are called baby-doll or tailored T-shirts. It also became famous as bottom clothing layer for workers in various industries, including agriculture.

The different Decoration of T-shirts

The earliest examples of T-shirts with decoration or logo are originated in The Wizard of Oz film year 1939. That was the start of the different kind of T-shirt decoration. There are company who decorate different kind of T-shirt design like names of resort and several characters. Because of the amazing kind of decoration that they have make, T-shirt became very popular. But, the designs that they are making are made on the following methods;

Heat transfer vinyl – In this method, it can allow you to create short runs of printed shirts with the use of schemer cut vinyl, in which they can and then heat press on the clothing. They are made in a multitude of styles, colors and patterns and any that can duplicate the screen look print such as Thermo Flex.

Tie dye – It is originated in Africa, India and Japan as early as 6th century. The other forms of this method are Bandhani, which is the eldest known method. It is use in Indian values and Shibori mainly used in Japanese values. This method was presented to America during the hippie movement that is the time when the war in Vietnam was deeply being complained.

Screen Printing – This method is one of the common forms of marketable T-shirt decoration. In this method the design is separated into individual colors. The water or plastisol based inks are applied to the shirt through mesh screens that limits the areas where ink is deposited. Most commercial printing of T-shirt, the specific colors in the design is used. In order to achieve a wider color spectrum with a limited number of colors, simulated or printing process is effective.

Stencilling – In this method creates pattern or image by applying colour to a surface over an instant object with intended gaps in. It can also make the image or pattern by only applying the colour to reach any parts of the surface.

The other methods used in T-shirt decoration are bleaching, stamping, sponging and other methods.

T-shirt examples

T-shirt example T-shirt example T-shirt example

What makes T-shirt to be well presentable?

Thumbnail You are already aware about the different methods of T-shirt decoration. But, what makes this presentable. The one that makes the T-shirt to be attractive and presentable is the expressive message. It can boost the features of T-shirt. That is also why it trends nationwide. Since 1980s, T-shirts have flourished as a form of personal expression.

Some of the company who decorates T-shirt prefer to put some expressive messages. With this they can express their thoughts or ideas. Most people want to buy shirt, which is printed with some inspirational messages. Some companies design their T-shirt with their corporate messages or logos as part of their overall advertising campaigns.

The use of these expressive messages has become popular especially with young adults and teenagers. Because, they think on that way they can already express of what is on their mind. Some companies use these expressive messages to attract their clients to buy their shirt. Because, most clients are not only after to the quality of shirt but also with the attractive decoration that it has. There are lot of reasons why they use expressive messages to put on the decoration of their T-shirt.

T-shirt is the cloth that you use to wear, that the only things you know before. But, now in this article you have read lot of information about this. You also become aware of how it is made. It is really good thing if you have learned many things about one object. Because, in this way you become aware of how it is made and where it came from. With this it can let you know where T-shirt is originated and why it became popular.